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What should I do if I get stuck in an elevator? Learning these can save lives!

Published January ,Jan 31,2015Share to:

        Two days ago, Qingyuan City reported the news that citizens had an accident in the elevator, and once again reminded everyone to pay attention to safety when riding the elevator. What if someone is trapped because of an elevator failure? The technical staff reminded us that we must not blindly carry out rescue, and must hold relevant qualified institutions and personnel to carry out rescue.

         According to professionals, the elevator is a kind of electromechanical equipment, and it is inevitable that there will be failures. When the elevator fails, the elevator traps people or goes down to a certain floor to open the door, which are all elevator safety protection procedures. The elevator is not completely closed, there is no risk of suffocation in the trapped elevator, and the elevator has various protection devices, so the trapped person is relatively safe in the elevator car. If passengers are trapped in the elevator, do not panic too much, keep calm, and contact the duty room by pressing the emergency button in time.

         In case the elevator emergency intercom cannot be connected, you can call the elevator maintenance unit's rescue phone or the property phone by phone, or get in touch with the outside world by tapping the door, calling, etc., and wait patiently for professional rescue personnel after getting the answer to the call for help.
        After the elevator user unit such as the property receives the information about the elevator trapped person, it should immediately notify the elevator maintenance unit to carry out rescue.

         It is necessary to do a good job of on-site warning, vigilance, and preliminary judgment of the trapped position of the trapped persons in the elevator, and timely appease the trapped persons.
        It is especially important to note that if passengers are trapped in the elevator, they must not blindly rescue themselves by smashing the door, breaking the door, etc., and other personnel such as the property management company must not use the elevator triangle key to open the elevator hall door without authorization.